Protecting Your Home From Violence: Part 1

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I’m a gun fanatic. Not that I idolize inanimate objects or have a fetish for violent behavior but I like to be prepared.  The world is a crazy place afterall. Just this morning I read a story in Danville, VA about a newspaper carrier getting shot.  He’s ok BTW.

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Much like many inner city areas, Danville’s crime rate, fueled by unemployment has left those dependent on government handouts desperate and without morals.

Now there’s a lot ways you can protect your physical person and property from these thuggish characters. Here’s a few:

Securing Your Windows

Let’s talk about ways to secure your home shall we?

Even if you live in a seemingly nice neighborhood you should have something called window security bars installed on the lower level of your home.

Priority #1 to protect is your basement windows as these areas are usually dimly lit and out of site from your neighbors view. We had ours custom made by Michael Coleman at

These metal bars physically prevent anyone from entering a window and are your first line of defense.

If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of this option you can also find window security film that prevents glass from shattering and allowing entry through the window, but my money’s on the steel window guards.

Doors Can Be Kicked In

Flimsy doors with weak door jambs are no match for a 150 pound man/woman that wants in your home. A swift kick beside the door knob and the wooden jamb around the strike plate can easily give way.

Search door reinforcement on line to find good products that can reinforce this key area. The next weakest spot is around the hinges.

Remove the tiny short screws and replace them with ones at least 3.5 inches long. You should also replace the screws in your door jambs strike plate.

This will increase the integrity of your entire entry system and may buy you time to arm yourself in case they enter your home.

Steel Entry Doors

If you can afford to upgrade your wooden door to a steel entry this will stop everyone short of the local SWAT team. Have a steel door jamb installed along with the door to add another layer of protection.

Lighting The Way

Top off your home security with an alarm system and exterior lighting. Burglars and other nefarious types like easy targets and will avoid adequately lit areas in favor of operating in darkness.

Dusk to dawn timers can be installed on current outdoor fixtures for a few bucks each.

These home security tips will give you peace of mind while you sleep knowing that as the economy worsens your home will still be an impenetrable castle.

Part 2 will cover choosing firearms for home protection…