Protecting Your Home From Violence: Part 2

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Danville aka little Chicago. Not long ago it seemed a quiet, safe place to live, work and play. With trade policies like NAFTA signed into law by former President Bill Clinton in 1994, the local economy is faltering with the unemployment rate at 8.3%.

It’s taken over 20 years for the full effect of these failed governmental policies to show up in the form of poverty and violence in this former bustling industrial town.

In Protecting Your Home From Violence: Part 1, I mentioned that I’m a gun nut. As more and more people fall out of the work force and have to much idle time on their hands crime tends to skyrocket.

There’s been numerous shootings in Danville since the beginning of 2016. Some even in broad daylight, a block form the Police Department.

It’s now more important than ever to own a firearm and preferably one Concealed Carry Danville VAyou can carry concealed. Waiting for the police to respond is a surefire way of becoming a victim as they mostly investigate crimes after the fact. Your security is your own personal responsibility.

You can sign up for any number of concealed carry courses throughout VA to obtain your carry permit.

Choosing A Firearm For Home Protection

If you’re not one to wanna carry a gun around all the time at minimum you should have a “long gun” in your home in case of a burglary or home invasion.

The question is, what kinda gun do I need?

20 Gauge Pump Shotgun

There’s no sound quite as frightening as the sound of the pump of a shotgun. Although some home security experts say “you should rack the slide” on your gun so an intruder will hear it and run away, I advise not to do this.

IMO, you want the element of surprise as the intruder/burglar may be armed and ready for a confrontation. Don’t risk revealing your location until you’ve filled their but full of lead.

There’s a few options and you need to take certain scenarios into consideration. If you live in a highly dense population area with homes very close together a short barreled 20 gauge pump shotgun armed with 00 buck shot is my first choice.

This set up has plenty of stopping power and is easily handled by smaller framed men as well women.

Keep in mind that if an intruder does make their way into your home be cautious of adjacent bedrooms of children or guests.

The 00 buckshot is far less likely to penetrate multiple layers of sheetrock and potentially injuring or killing your loved ones you’re charged to protect.


A simple 7 shot semi-automatic pistol chambered in .380 or 9mm is my second choice for a good home protection gun.

Safely stored in a biometric safe inside your nightstand allows quick access in an emergency. If you feel that the .380 isn’t enough gun I’d kind of agree and opt for a Glock 20 (.40 caliber) or Glock 21 (.45 caliber) to make sure what you shoot stays down.

Attackers, even after hit multiple times in areas other than the vital organs can continue their assault on you.

In the unfortunate event that someone enters your home do not fire a warning shot. That’s where the bigger framed pistols come in handy as they have larger carrying capacities.

Carrying more rounds allows you to defend yourself against multiple attackers at once.

AR-15’s: Know By Weenie Liberals As “Assault Rifles”

Sure they may look menacing to someone that’s never shot a firearm but they’re only as destructive as the one operating it.

These are high powered centerfire rifles often chambered in .223/5.56mm or .308 caliber.

You may feel tough owning one but in my opinion they’re a bit much for home defense purposes. A .223 can travel through multiple layers of furniture, drywall and keep on going into your neighbors house.

“But I need my night vision scope!”

No, you don’t Rambo. You can use a shotgun with the same night vision capabilities of your AR.  In the heat of an altercation, rounds tend to fly everywhere so don’t risk sending a round over to Bob’s house, cause he won’t be happy about it.

My next post will cover the pending Dollar Collapse.