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Frank SopryWhat the heck is FSOPRY? Well, the first name’s Frank.  Last name’s Sopry.  A big, bearded, brute of a man.  Farming’s my thang and I love the country twang. FSOPRY is largely gonna be about farming, prepping and in general being a productive member of society.

You know, the grit America was built upon. Something that The United States needs desperately at the moment.  I say The United States rather than the original description of America because America, or the idea of America is dead.

Don’t believe me?  Check this interview with one of my mentors, billionaire commodities investor Doug Casey.

Government corruption, endless wars in countries far away and superfluous spending by our government has tilted our behavior, mentality and personal drive of the citizens formerly known as Americans.  Folks the U.S. is headed for a crash larger than the panic of 08′

In fact I believe we’re in the beginning of the next big recession right now as of righting this About Me page.  Commodities other than precious metals are down, nearly 50,000,000 million U.S. citizens aren’t working and you have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders running for high office.

Fear not though.  We’re gonna be offering up some really sound advice on how to prepare, profit and protect and your family for what’s to come over the coming years.

God help us weather the storm that bears down upon this great land.


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-Frank Sopry