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Will The Republican Establishment Allow A Trump Victory?

If you’ve read my About page, you already know how corrupt I believe our government is.  Not being one that totes the water for ANY politician, Donald Trump has kind of grown on me.  Perhaps it’s because both the Democrat party anTrump vs GOPd the GOP hate the guy with a passion.

This reveals their true desire of maintaining the status quo of control over the American people.  Donald Trump is a threat to the good ole boys club of inside the beltway bureaucrats, military and career politicians that could not just tip the apple cart but destroy it completely.

Right Wingers On The Port Side?

You’d expect the left wing Loonies at Mother Jones to have anti Trump ads such as the one over on the right >>>, but I just read the story where this pop up came from HERE and it’s shameful how liberal this site is.  The rhetoric between both parties has become laughable with misinformation and in most cases ,outright lies. Read Full Post…